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The Parallel Universe

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The Parallel Universe

Ending the War:  What is the Problem?


In a parallel universe, the government of Iraq has invaded the United States for the purpose of feeing us from the oppression of a dominate dictator who has plunged us into needless wars, based on poor information and.  The leader, they term him a dictator, has enacted laws abridging the right of trial, permitting secret warrantless searches of citizens and wiretapping communications.  He has even gone as far as to sanction a program of rendition where persons are sent to other countries for torture to extract information. 


The Iraqi invasion of the United States was done for all the right reasons.  We will be allowed to restore our democracy by voting for the government that Iraq deems best for us.  Despite the years of sanctions that Iraq has imposed against our country, they have the best interests of our people at heart.  There may have been a few human rights abuses along the way, such as stacking our naked prisoners in pyramids and photographing them, but the Iraq people are allowing us the freedom to govern the country without George Bush.


At present, there is a division in our country leading to what is termed a “civil war.”  But, everyone should understand that the fight is not between our people.  The fight is between those that support the Iraqi occupation and those that do not.