AVENGER GT-12 hot rod kit car based on the famous GT 40 race car. New 1600 cc VW engine on VW pan, dual caldron, with new wheels, tires (Avenger), etc.  

Gauges, wipers, headlights, windows, doors, etc. all work. Red exterior with black custom carpet interior.  Runs great and is a head turner. One piece body made by Fiberfab. 


Contact Michael 719-633-2023 (actionmatrix@adelphia.net) or view page at: www.actionmatrix.com/forsale/avenger/avenger_4sale.htm

The car is presently located in Colorado Springs, CO.

Avenger GT-12 hot rod kit car for sale

Avenger GT-12 hot rod kit car for sale

Avenger GT-12 hod rod kit car for sale




Q: How is the car titled?
A: Titled as a 66 VW to qualify for collector plate in Colorado at the time it was plated.
Q: Does it have fixed or roll-up side windows? Do the windows roll up & down easy? Do any of the windows leak water? Do the doors open?
A: Rollup windows, doors open nicely, body is very nice no damage.  No Leaks.  Door open and close properly.
Q:  What is left to be done make it drive?
A: Drives well.
Q:      Is there any special history to the car?                   
A:   History is unknown.  There is a nitrous container built in (not operational) that indicates ultra hot rod at some point.  May have been built originally in 1969.  New engine put into car in 2000 by J Breedlove of the racing Breeloves.

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