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The Rosamont Corporation

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Larger pdf of full Rosamont Agreement copy of original Rosamont Agreement    

History of Jones Park and the Historic Trail to Pikes Peak


Rosamont Subscribers




The Rosemont Corporation Subscribers

Larger pdf of full Rosamont Agreement

Subscriber #5:  Moses T. Hale (1857-1920)

City Treasurer / embezzlement

Hale may have been the treasurer for Rosamont.  One wonders if he was brought into the deal as an assurance that funds would be protected.   It appears that Hale was bailed out of incarceration by his Boston brother who provided funds to cover the losses.


Larger pdf of full Rosamont Agreement



Subscriber #1 Harry Jackson (1851-1940) (5 shares) 824 N. Tejon St. and 1414 Culebra;

Harry was the first to sign and owned five shares.  The source of his wealth and type of business are unknown.  He was active in the community making charitable donations and as a member of the Humane Society. 

Rosamont proceeds were used to payoff a lien made to Thomas Jackson. Thomas was Harry's father who lived in Wilmington, Delaware. Harry, likely, obtained shares in Rosamont in exchange for releasing the deed of trust.








Subscriber #6: H. V. Wandell aka Hiram Vreeland Wandell  (1865-1910) was a director of Rosamont. 

He was involved in mining ownership and later owned a moving and storage company.   He was a partner of D.G. C. MacNeill and may have been brought into the deal by him. 

City Directory MacNeill & Wandell







Subscriber #7: Bessie Henry was a school teacher that built a cabin in 1894 on the Jones homestead. 

The timing and action indicate that Henry intended to purchase a portion of the Jones parcel from either A.H. Partridge or Frank Loud where her cabin was built. The Henry cabin site was excluded from the land conveyed to Rosamont. Her inclusion in so many high powered mining and railroad types suggests she may have had a prior agreement for the land or other considerations.

“A well-known educator, from Philadelphia, Pa., who founded the San Luis School twenty-four years ago. This school has graduated children from many prominent families, and is well-known for its high educational ideals. [Source: Representative Women of Colorado, by James Alexander Sample (1914); transcribed by Vicki Bryan]”.



Subscriber #13:  William H. Strieby, professor, photographer, X rays, assaying of ore;

The basement laboratory served scientific departments of the college. William H. Strieby, who joined the faculty as professor of chemistry and metallurgy in 1880, taught assaying and blowpipe analysis to students attending Cutler Academy, an associated preparatory school open to all.

During the winter months, Strieby's classes attracted large numbers of miners and prospectors. One of his pupils, Winfield Scott Stratton, subsequently discovered the Independence Mine at Cripple Creek, which he sold for $10,000,000 in 1899. Assaying of ores in the basement of Cutler Hall continued through the mid-1920s.

Professor Strieby worked with potter Artus Van Briggle to identify local clays suitable for ceramics and to perfect new types of rich matte glazes in a kiln set up next to the professor's office. Van Briggle's distinctive pottery featured solid glazes using a wider range of colors than others produced at the time. His first commercial products found great demand and received excellent reviews in the United States and abroad.

Cutler Hall basement was home to Strieby’s assay lab


Subscriber #2   Manly Dayton Ormes (1858 - 1929) Colorado College and Saturday Knights Hiking Club

Subscriber #11: Hubert Skinner one of the founders of the Saturday Knights Hiking Club; Herbert Skinner worked with Henry LeB. Wills & Co. real estate, loans & insurance Gazette Building (res 1335 N. Nevada); member of Humane Society;  

Subscriber #11:  Herbert R. Chapman  (1867-1926) from Ohio;  a graduate of Oberlin College; teacher for the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind; lived in the Boulder Crescent area 1898;  Colorado Christian Endeavor Union H.R. Chapman, President, 222 N. Wasatch Ave., Colorado Springs;  author of Century Chest letter 32 for the Colorado Christian Endeavor Union.  He went on to success as the superintendent for the State of Washington School for the deaf and blind.

His signature was one of the most difficult to identify, but matched the Century Chest letter.
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Subscriber #23 Oliver Clay Townsend (1867-1942) age 27; owner/manager of Colorado City Glass Works; office 60 Hagerman building, residence 1201 Wood Ave. (1896 directory). 

He was a partner with William Wight in mining (Klondike International Mining Co.) and the purchase of various inventions. Stamp Mill Bench for hot houses

Member of J. Arthur Connell's rugby team. 


Subscriber #22:  William P. Wight, of 5 West View Pl., had an office in the Hagerman building and was partners with O.C. Townsend as a corporate officer of the Klondyke Mining Company as per the 1898 City Directory.  He was primarily in the real estate and investment business, but dabbled in patents.  With O.C. Townsend, he purchased of a “stamp mill patent” in 1898.  

His poor penmanship was the source of much frustration. 
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Subscriber #9:  Andrew Stephen Blake  (1850-1922) was a hardware store owner and real estate investor. Early on, he specialized in bicycles.

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Subscriber #10 Giles Crissey (1840-1913) was a County Commissioner and in the lumber business.  His company later became Crissey-Fowler Lumber Co. 



Subscriber #21:  John J. Key was the secretary of the  Mary Cashen Mining Company that had an office in the Hagerman building.  

[See the Key Signature on a stock certificate).  He partnered with MacNeill and Edsell on mining ventures and was prominently mentioned in the Century Chest listing of businessmen (with Connell, Bonbright, Hagerman and others).


Subscriber #25:  Mrs. W.E. Newberry:  Civil engineer and mining securities in Hagerman Block & with Connell
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Subscriber #19 Mrs. Farnsworth is the wife of Charles Henry Farnsworth (1851 - 1922).  He was in the mining ownership business and owned 155 acres of patented mining claims.  They were members of the Humane Society and lived on the Millionaires Row at 1406 Wood.




Subscriber #3: Walter F. Douglas (1862-1941) age 32; architect who designed the Burns Theater, All Souls Unitarian Church, Colorado College campus buildings and many of the Millionaire’s Row houses including J. Arthur Connell’s house;

One of the most famous architects in Colorado Springs history.

Edwin S. Giles Listed at bottom - "Our association formed by Edwin S. Giles"



Frank Loud Subscriber #28 Much more on Loud


Signed by stock brokers and mine promoters, J. Arthur Connell and William P. Bonbright.

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Description: Machine generated alternative text: 3-, ‘.J I  I 14 .1  ‘ IIlI ‘-j %;; Douglas and Hetherington Eugene P. Shove House 1329 Wood Ave. Colorado Springs 5EP.333.60 O c.1897 North End NR Hist. Dist. Clyde Block Colorado Springs 1898


Connell passport at age 59


J ARTHUR CONNELL, of Colorado Springs, was one of the organizers of the Colorado Springs Mining Stock Association, and is now an officer in and director of the Mining Exchange Building Association. He has his office in the Post office block and is doing a large business in mining stocks. He was among the first to enter Cripple Creek, but did not become interested in any mines there until the fall of 1891, when he bought an interest in the Buena Vista (now the Isabella) Mining Company, but this he later sold. He is now president and general manager of the Work Mining and Milling Company, which owns a mine on Raven Hill. For a time he served as secretary and treasurer of the Ingham Company, in which he is still a stockholder, though not an officer. Before the fire he had large real-estate interests in Cripple Creek, but these he has mostly sold, retaining only the Ivanhoe block.
In Edinburgh, Scotland, where he was born November 30, 1862, the boyhood years of our subject were principally passed. He attended the high school and took a course in English and higher mathematics in the University of Edinburgh, after the completion of which he traveled over the continent with his mother, in 1882-83. In the fall of 1884 he crossed the ocean to the United States and located on a large stock farm near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and bought an interest in the Rockford farm, where were kept imported Clydesdale horses and Galloway cattle. After he had been there about six months two men from Colorado purchased some cattle, which he volunteered to deliver. In this way he made his first trip to Colorado, coming in February, 1885, with a cattle train. While here he bought a ranch on the divide. When he came the second time to Colorado he brought with him three car loads of thoroughbred Galloway cattle, which was the largest herd of that grade of cattle ever in the state. With a partner, James Roxburgh, he incorporated the Colorado Black Cattle Company, of which he was president and general manager. He continued at Black Cattle ranch, or "Scotchman's Retreat," as it was sometimes called, for three years and then sold out. He came at once to Colorado Springs, and opened a real estate office here, since which time he has engaged in the real estate business, although since 1891 his attention has been given largely to mining. He has built, not only in this city, but also in Colorado City, Cripple Creek and other points, among his most important enterprises being the building of the Clyde block here, Argyle block in Colorado City and Ivanhoe block in Cripple Creek.

Former site of the "Clyde Block", a historic commercial building built in the late 1890s.  The second floor was the "Clinton Hotel".

In New York City Mr. Connell married Miss Mary Adela Byrne, who was born and educated in Liverpool, England. He has one child, Madeline. Socially he is connected with the El Paso Club and has been a member of its board of governors for the past six years. He is a charter member of the Cheyenne Mountain Country Club. In the Colorado Springs Golf Club he is a member and a director. In national politics he gives his support to the Republican party. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Colorado Springs. Worthy enterprises receive his support and active assistance, and such organizations as the Y. M. C. A. have reason to feel grateful to him for the interest he has manifested in their success. In religion he is connected with St. Stephen's Episcopal Church.


Rosamont corporate filing


Rosamont filing

Example of cutting edge of legal filings from 1894. Likely prepared by K.R. Babbitt.



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