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(capturing small quantums)


There was the soft whisper of a baby piano's first chords,

Before the start of a clear-pitched melody.

Your feet softly dancing on the edges of my soul,

The band was quiet, giving way to lovers' crescendos.


I reached to pull the reflections of rainbows, stitched to gods' feet,

And stretch this fabric from the sky to the horizon.

A spectrum of colors separated for a moment while

Sun and clouds collided to colors in our eyes.


I captured small quantums of light between my fingers and palm

And tortured them with the intensity of darkness.

They confessed that even love could die

When light and distance are introduced to time.


In that moment, I began to measure the distance to you,

To quantify the pressure exploding from my chest,

As a child within me cried to know where you are,

I pulled your image from dreams to lie between the sheets.


I do not know the secrets of the universe's treasures.

Perhaps, balloons and clouds are just the mistakes of gravity,

As dreams and imagination are the mistakes of reality.

But love is the prism that breaks my life into essence.


       ~~~ by Michael Chaussee






(suddenly are gone)


Your smile is framed with ribbons

You're dressed to go away

The storms are gone forever

Go quickly now without delay


Storms are like an ending

Lasting far too long

They seem to take forever

Then suddenly they're gone


Love is but a ribbon (rainbow)

Dressed up by the sun

Built in scarlet colors

They're coming all undone


Rainbows last a moment

When the storm moves on

They light the sky with colors

Then suddenly they're gone


Colors mixed with raindrop

Then blended by the sun

The ribbons run together

Then they love no one


So when the nights are stormy

And seem to last too long

The love once meant forever

Suddenly is gone.



                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee


















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