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(where does love go?)



I have closed the doors and shuttered the windows.

The air has stopped in the cracks.

All the furniture has rolled on their backs

To let me rub their underbellies.

And even the mice have requested

To wait outside.


Nothing can get in,

or out.


A single candle in the middle

Held hostage by darkness

A match, the flame, but where does the light go?

I have seen it bounce from each of the walls,

But I have not caught a ray

Sleeping, or hiding, alone, or with others,


Though I know they are here

With me.


I have held you in my arms

With the doors shut.

We have covered ourselves

In heavy blankets and held each other

So tightly that even blood was not easily moved.

The furniture stood guard upright and alert.


I felt so warm,

and safe.


The softness of our kisses,

The tremble of your hand

The music falls from the air.

The light is surrounded by the cold darkness.

The candle's failure.

Where does the light go?


Nothing can get in,

or out.


                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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