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(unborn children speak)



If unborn children could speak,

Would they explain creation,

Or tell us of before life,

With gods, or demons, or emptiness?


Would they sing, a bird on the wire,

Of two worlds connected,

As the thoughts between minds,

As the roads between cities?


Would they see forward though youth,

And backwards through age,

And know both death and life,

Intimately, as equals?


Would they, those unwatered seeds,

Pause with the old,

When the old were finished pausing,

And view the connection?


Would they hold hands and touch hearts,

Those too old, those too young,

Those with silence between heartbeats,

Those with death between life?


Would the veins between hearts

Run wild, as rivers between flatlands,

Or dreams between sleep,

Or memories between unforgotten friends?


Or would their umbilical cords

Fall disconnected form this,

As the silence between thunder,

The still between breaths?


Would they tell us, then, of emptiness,

Of the space between the galaxies,

Or the oceans between continents,

The greys between the colors?


If unborn children could speak,

Would they explain death,

Why we know gods between despair,

And the connection we have missed?


                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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