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(in the blur of nows)


I have seen Roman empires

Shaking hands with the star-fighters,

Explaining, in their language,

Why baseball legends are

Astronauts among asteroids,

Introducing the World Wars

To a vaster universe.


And each spacesuit was folded,

Hand washed by Indian maidens,

Driven by horse carriage to

Rocket thrusters at launch sites.

Watched by cavewomen while

Hunters gathered star maps

And explained mathematics to outlaw gangs.


The sand of the hourglass

Was frozen at the crossing

Of these two eternities.

As past and future met,

In the blur of nows,

With yesterdays forgotten

Tomorrows not yet dreamed.


One grain of sand at a time,

Between what is and will be.

of nows,

And yesterday.


                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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