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(endless blue)



You are out there, endless blue,

The whine of your engine forever humming.

Your small white lights bobbing in and out,

Strung across the night sky for Christmas.


Crossing up the radar with patterned repetition,

Soaring in hawk-like fearlessness.

Now you're out there , where no one knows,

No aviator has known this freedom


To fly so reckless, without peril,

To take no map for the return course.

For your pathway has the singleness of purpose:

A straight and narrow passage through existence


To a death so soon and so alone.

To call you mindless is to deny the truth

For yours is to door die without reason,

And we have no answers for the questions never asked.


For you are out there, endless blue,

Out there, now, where no one knows.

If you veer out of control, and back,

Or dive to the ocean floor, then lift again.


Who is to wonder of your program and mechanics,

Of your mission complete and definite,

For the circling of the target without reason.

Who will curse your lost pilot?


For his aimless wanderings of the heart;

His mindless mistakes of reason;

All the answers to your forgotten questions;

For the drone that flies all alone?


You are out there, in the endless blue.


                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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