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(the gathering of moments)


Fearless amid the clash of angel armies,

As raspberries bleed on your lips,

We pressed the corners of our hearts

Against the curves of the wind.


The moon's miracle gobbled the shadows

As I held you down between grasses.

We rolled over and over as thunder

Rumbled against the horizon.


The rain afraid to touch your cheeks

As bombs burst in the leaves to your side.

I wanted to run, but was frozen

By the glare of the star light.


I squeezed your hand to my heart

And felt lightning in your fingertips,

The way you linger against my skin,

The way the heat lingers with the ground.


I poured the power of muscle into small cups,

And drowned my impoverished soul

In the longing temptation of  beauty,

Unfolding between the stars, the rain, my arms.


I clothed you only in the hush of evening sounds,

And in that bareness, heard heartbeats

As they swelled from a tapping rhythm

To the cascading thunder of lovers..


If we were born to bless a moment,

This was a gathering of priests,

And the temple stretched, timelessly,

As each moment stopped to observe.


The horizon parted the darkness.

My tongue, red, between dark and light,

Divided lips that whispered to my soul

My tongue was lost in that moment.


As I pulled you tight, my tears pushed

The air from my eyes.

There was a pounding greater than rain,

No matter how quiet,  my heart was never still.


                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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