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(avoid this kiss)


It started with the smallest cry of your heart...

My perception at the keyhole

To unlock a secret within.

A glimpse, your heart trembled,

The key slipped from my hands.


In the dream,

Two lovers soared between clouds,

The timelessness between heartbeats,

Even the rain afraid to be cold.

Although we were lost, we flew

With the grace of the gods.


The moment,

My decision and I spoke.

You looked, first up, then down,

The passion drained from your eyes...

We sat as ghosts before darkness

Neither able to see or hear,

Eyes so blind, hearts so silent.


And then,

I felt the tightening of my neck,

The noose for the outlaw.

From the gallows plank, the evening air,

The patchwork of the trees and sun,

I looked back into your eyes,

And thought of all id done.


The wish,

The same for hangman or condemned:

To pass through the moment

And know the other side.

There was my poem in your purse,

My heart in my stomach.

I thought of the first snow of autumn,

The first tears of a child.


The end,

As you leaned to me,

The trap door of the gallows opened.

I touched your hand...

the ghost of passion pulled us fight,

My heartbeat screamed and stopped...

No way to avoid this final kiss.


                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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