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(the power of souls)


More powerful than marching armies,

Than the politics of the day,

More powerful than words unspoken,

Than all the fates of come what may.


The power of my soul summoned

To this moment, of passing ships,

To touch your hand, and hold you close,

And place this pressure on your lips.


And my muscles tense for holding,

A heart inside just meant to pound,

My lips that whisper every night,

Ears that carry your every sound.


Fore I have found you sleeping here,

In a bed of thoughts so narrow,

To push the clouds through today

Without knowing of tomorrow.


Our love has risen, as a kite,

To fly the clouds without a care,

To dart with demons in the sky,

Then fall away to who knows where.


Time has marched the moments by,

As armies of words we didn't say,

But the power inside our souls,

Fears not the fates of come what may.




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