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(show no mercy)


Unchanged by sunlight's warmth,

Not parted by the shadow's touch,

Nor the silence between thunder,

Or even, the heart that knows to much.


So it is time to leave and go...

You must find the best coat that fits.

To lie 'neath the stars' rain of light,

Off to the country no one visits.


And the dark leans into your eyes,

Too much perspective in the view,

One moment sleeps inside the next,

To dream of a world without you.


The last breath ends and turns to dust,

And thoughts turn to elegy.

'Fore monuments are erected,

I beg death to show no mercy.


To come without explanation,

A brash thunder of last midnight,

To pull yesterday's shadow down

Trapped beneath the snow of light.


The widow's cheeks will turn to stone.

Each face may sour with regret.

No laughter chiseled in the rock,

No comedy in monument.


Tears fill the cuffs with mourning dew

And soak the words left still to say,

Calling in the final present:

"No tomorrow, only yesterday."


So the winds of each morning blow,

The honor guard plays the last request.

The angel heart, it beats no sound,

The shadow in your coffin rests.



                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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