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(no words are lost)


Silence has no tone;

It has no melody,

No notes to play,

No musical quality.


Crying eyes that shed no tears

Are calling out tonight.

Calling out in silence

To say all's not right.


Do your ears hear the silence

Knocking at your door?

Quietly seeking your message

Though its known: nevermore.


Silence is your weapon

Though in no battle has it roared.

A weapon still so quiet

Both your shield and sword.


All things go to silence,

As all will end in dust,

The heartbreak of our laughter

Eroded by time's rust.


If I were to call your name

So loud to make it burn,

The echoes would fade away

And silence would return.


Fore silence has no heart,

No love to give away.

It has no blessing to bestow

And nothing good to say.


But say it you have in silence.

No words are lost on you.

So I point my pen in your direction,

May it find you silent too.



                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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