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(cresting darkness)


The sun's glint on the ruffled surface

of the water,

Rippling to my shaded eyes,


As the wave rose and peaked

then heaved back

To its weighted source below.


Left was the after-image silently smiling,

and I looked away

As far as closed eyes can see,


But that quiet smile would not

go away,

Leaving me cold within the crusted sands.


The white beard of the spider's nest

trembled inside

The darkness of the window pane.


I didn't need to look closer

to know what

Wistful figure lay upon the glass


Silently keeping watch, yet allowing the

restless sun

To perish into cresting darkness.


So I ran through yellow-white leaves that

roll over and over

Like the ghosts of mice in the darkness.


Each one startling to my footstep,

pausing with me,

Before settling into the dark ground.


And the whirling shadows

hummed together

Mocking my senses with messages,


Each one calling to me, and my

silent partner,

To lie down with the leaves.



                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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