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(cold in my heart)


Please now to go,

And stop these puffy clouds

From chipping away the moon.

Take the leaves that shield

The ground from star's teardrops.

Cover me with the blanket

Of snow in the late spring,

When the sun shines through,

In winter's last confusion.


Please now to go,

And drive away the flutter

Of hearts unforgiven.

Give to me the last rites

By a banished priest,

When the distance of thoughts

Is matched by the miles between.

Until the last warmth is lost,

Til the quiver of touch a memory.


Please now to go,

And drop your flowers

On the pathway least traveled.

For you have known each step

The passing of each moment,

And though I have held you

Among the summer grasses,

There is, now, snow on the mountain

And cold in my heart.



                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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