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(puppet form)


You, crawling out of the tangles,

Straining between the strings,

Pulling at the rope envelope,

As though the strength in your

Arms could break the webbing.


It was not humorous to see you

Strung out in puppet form,

Raising your eyebrows in time,

If only to make the children laugh.

I did not even smile.


As you groped in circles, grabbing

Your fingers, as a dog would

Chase its' tail, the realization

Of inadequacy tore the

First hole in the netting.


I saw you there, a colt

Standing on wobbly legs,

With oversized feet and ears,

Too eager to begin to run,

But I did not laugh.


Now the speeding subway stops

Only to sell tickets, but

No, I was not embarrassed

Watching the others fighting

For a place to stand in line.


I stood with the perverts

Telling jokes and gazing at

My hand, while they cupped,

Then slowly, filled with the

Tears you failed to shed.


                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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