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                                      THE ALARM

 (was it my heartbeat?)


My thoughts have twisted the light through the rain,

Each ray a color-basket falling from the clouds,

And as each moment burst upon me,

I have felt the pressure of your image on my eyelids.


There were sounds that both startled and made unsure,

As a galloping mare, there was a sensual power,

A rhythm of stride, or was it my heartbeat

Setting an alarm, as my kisses flattened against your mouth?


This must be a temple with monks who only gesture.

I hear only the faint voice of a bell with no tongue.

Dare I answer what is beyond my power to imagine?

Give me back my words and take my kiss instead.


The prism gathered dark, winter clouds from the sky

Forming the blackness of the deepest thoughts,

And as the tiniest hand pulled petals from the flowers,

Emerged a perfect sky, that shown only blue.


I have held that moment, just after dark,

With the touch of kiss lingering on my lips like a confession,

The open windows of my heart telling every beat.

I closed my eyes, but they told you everything


                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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