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(are you falling?)


Had you been alone that night,

You would have stayed inside,

Safe and warm against the sky,

A silhouette without passion.


You would have stood behind

The pane of your window,

And cast your eyes among

The milk of the stars.


They would have called to you

Their song so rare and blue.

They would crash together

And the thunder would rattle the windows.


But you are not alone this night.

You feel the wind in your face,

Your legs are tired beneath you,

And your passions burns the sands.


Your wanderlust has taken you out

To lean against the edge,

Without caution, or the will

To form "no" upon your lips.


This time you've gone too far,

And stayed too long,

You need to go back,

But the path is blocked.


I am standing in the ruins

Of Your castles broken trusses,

With an ax in my hands,

With that grin on my face.


You have dropped the last of your clothing,

And gone too far for alibi.

The time has come to see the edge ...

And enjoy the view.


                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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