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(Houdini's locks)


From the smallest place in my heart,

I have found this gift for you.

And brought it to lay on your robes,

To be lifted by your naked hand.


With your hand on my heart,

We will pick the lock of the heavens

And no longer shall we be captive

In a world of lost surprise.


Your kiss on my closed eyelid

Has made me see this key

Will open all of Houdini's locks,

So help me understand your puzzles.


All of my thoughts have converged

In this heartbeat.  Somehow,

To know you care, I have a moment

Of freedom to pour in a small cup


And hide away in the last place

That they might look.

Search my body and my mind.

I am careful to avoid any spillage.


If it comes that I reside in that box again,

I will crawl down to the floor

Then look into that smallest place

Then, as the shadows are born to light,


I shall take out the key

To the reflection of stars in the sea,

And no longer lay in the dizzy tears

That have damned me.


It is there, in that secret place

Below my sternum, where I

Hold the key, in the smallest

Place of the largest spot.


                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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