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(beholding the cadence)


For so long, your honey-threaded hair was

held distant

By the long days that had yet

to pass.

I sat by your side during the

ambivalent wait,

Allowing emotion's touch to flame

brightly aglow

And give your lips the infidelity

of expression.

You came to me and said the time had

almost come.

That the beast was finally trusted

in the darkness,

That harmony found fusion in

our growth.


I held your hand and patiently sat

beside you.

Yet, as we watched, time's gaze froze

insensibly upon us.

Our moment had long since past

without notice.

The angel succumbed to the attrition

of hope.

Through long nights of reconciliation that offered

no deliverance,

I came to you to destroy the lost image that

possessed us.

But you were not there; so I sat down

to wait

While beholding the cadence of the clock's



                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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