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I hear voices in the other room

Calling out your name.

As though they were still for you,

As though I were to blame.


And I see teardrops welling in your eyes,

About to fall so loud.

Teardrops in this springtime night

So clear without a cloud.


So I speak to you

In softened tones,

As though you weren't quite there.

The meaning for that quite day

When you will care.


Some day your going to care (for me),

Some day your going to care.


The voices now are calling out

The tears fall like rain.

I'll speak again some quite day

When there's much less pain.


And the sun will clear your crying eyes.

Voices shall lose their will.

The angels will rock us in their arms,

And hold us warm and still.


                                                                                   ~~~ by Michael Chaussee



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