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Almagre Mountain,  Colorado  

 Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Other Trails on this Route:

Mount Rosa

St Mary's Falls

Captain Jacks




Looking to the West from Almagre

Almagre Mountain, also known as Mt. Baldy, is located west of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and south of Pikes Peak.

Almagre Mountain is the 2nd highest peak on the Colorado Springs skyline, and the only one other than Pikes that rises above treeline.  Only the highest part of the mountain is visible from town, and its summit is relatively flat and looks less dramatic than Pikes Peak or Cheyenne Mountain.

There is a 4WD road that climbs almost to the summit, so in that sense the mountain is quite accessible.  Due to the abundance of 4WD roads at the base of the mountain, there are surely even more routes that one might envision.

Except by those who drive up and climb only to the summit, Almagre is not frequently climbed.  Many people simply drive to the gate and turn around, but miss the views from the top

Some people refer to Almagre as "Mount Baldy". In fact, Baldy is a sub-summit of Almagre. The true summit is to the north of Stratton Reservoir, while Baldy and the communication towers are to the south.

The views from Almagre are exceptional. In addition to a view of Colorado Springs, you'll have an up-close view of many of the mountains that you may be used to seeing from town, including Pikes Peak, Mt. Rosa, Cameron Cone, Cheyenne Mountain, and many others.




Trip Details:

Almagre Mountain, Colorado 




There are many ways to get to this trail by following any of the Cheyenne Mountain trails such as St. Mary's Falls, 7 Bridges, or Captain Jacks.   However, this makes the trail difficult due to length. 

The alternate route followed:

From Colorado Springs take Old Stage/Gold Camp Road approximately 12.5 miles to 379 (close to the Penrose-Rosemont Reservoir). Turn north on 379 and travel on the 4WD road to Frosty Park for another 1.5 miles. This is a large clearing on the right with no apparent signs other than the tracks of many mud rides.

Trailhead: Head directly west up a gully past some mining pits, then across the road and there will be a rough "wagon trail" that goes up the side of the mountain.  Picture of start is below with Almagre in the background.

Map below

Almagre Map 

Summary: Directly west of Frosty Park, up wagon trail, connect to road and north to summit.

Elevation (feet): 12367
Elevation (meters): 3770
Latitude: 38.7914000
Longitude: -104.9930000


Second highest Peak, communications equipment,
Stratton Reservoir


Colorado Springs, CO


Views of C Springs, Mt Rosa, Valley to the West


4-5 miles

Elevation Gain:

2,100 feet

Hike Time:

4-5 hours up and back from Frosty Park to top.


Easy and Moderate - no technical or scrambling, up hill, rock scrable

Trail Condition:

Not maintained.  Looks to be old wagon trail that has grown over.  No  dangerous places requiring technical abilities.  Road for last portion.

Hike Type:

Up and back, different routes possible.



Rosa to Almalgre

Almagre from Mount Rosa



This is looking down from the wagon trail toward the start of the hike.  If you look closely you may is the white car that is parked at the approximate start of the hike.



View toward Colorado Springs


Trail Example     

Here is an example of the trail


The wagon trail connects to the 4 wheel drive trail that goes to the summit of Almagre.  Originally, I was going to include this trip in the 4-wheel drive section as I had done the trip in a 4-wheel drive with the infamous Sandy Stalker.  However, walking from Frosty Park to the summit completed another leg of my around the Peak trip. 


Smashed Car 

These cars is along the roadway to the top as reminders that not everyone is successful in their 4-wheel drive endeavors. 



This is the gate that denies access to the top.  Just walk around it on the right side.  Most people stop here, and they miss some great views.



The Stratton Reservoir and toward the summit of Almegre. 



To the top.  This is actually Mt. Baldy with Almegre to the north.




Seven Lakes system 

The Seven Lakes Reservoir system is to the west.


This area to the southwest  may be accessed from Old Stage / Gold Camp Road by 4-wheel drive trails.  Sandy Stalker led me there.


You know it is windy when the wind gage is broken and the sock is torn off. 


Towers in disrepair


The sign for the turnoff from Gold Camp Road to 379.  This gets considerably rougher and high clearance vehicles are advised.


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