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Elk Creek Trail, Pikes Peak, Colorado  

 Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Other Trails on this Route:

Barr Camp Trail

Elk Springs Trail

Oil Springs Tunnel Trail

Pikes Peak Hill Climb



Elk Park  

Valley Looking to the Peak




Trip Details:

Elk Park Trail, Pikes Peak, Colorado 



Trailhead: This trail starts 100 yards past Barr Camp and is marked by a sign.  The trail is known by various names including the Oil Springs Tunnel, Trail 649 (one sign), Severy Creek Tail (sign at end), FS 652, and Cave Creek or Glen Cove trail where the trail meets the Pikes Peak Highway.

On the Map below, the trail is designated as Northwest Slopes (V2).


Map Pikes Peak 

Summary: The trail starts at the sign above Barr Camp and proceeds north.



Oil Springs Tunnel, boiler, big views of North slope of Pikes Peak


Colorado Springs, CO


Wonderful mountain valleys, north face of Pikes Peak,


7 miles from Barr Camp to Pikes Peak Hwy.

Elevation Gain:

2,000 feet

Hike Time:

3-4 hours


Moderate - no technical or scrambling, surprisingly maintained trail.  Up hill, high elevation, weather and trail length cause primary problems.

Trail Condition:

Maintained.  No difficulties in following trail or with dangerous places requiring technical abilities.

Hike Type:

Up, up and away.  Possible to hitch down Pikes Peak Hwy.  Start at Barr Camp. 





Nice walk to the first stream crossing that had a surprising tree cut bridge complete with handrail.

Distance from Barr Camp to Trailhead: 100 yards
Distance from Barr Camp to Summit: 11 miles approximately
Total distance from Barr Camp to Pikes Peak Highway: 7 miles

  • Trailhead elevation: 10,200 feet
  • Pike Peak Hwy Elevation: 12,000 feet (exit from trail)



Terrain example at first stream crossing



Here is the north slope view of where you are going



View to North







Valley at the second stream crossing.  Just up from this is animal habitat with rocky caves.  Below is a 200 foot elevation drop with an rock field underground waterfall.  One of the places that typifies Colorado scenery.



The sun came out just as a reached this meadow after overcast lightning storms for the previous 2 hours. 

Beautiful sight.



Underground waterfalls for 200 feet of elevation drop.  Roaring stream was as loud as a locomotive.

I was surprised when the route went upward through this section rather than going around.



Signs of civilization - trail ends at Pikes Peak Highway Severy Creek Trailhead Sign

Bonus Section:  The Pikes Peak Hill Climb was underway as I finished this hike. 

Click the link for pictures of the race. Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Wally Dalenbach at 110 mph



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