Mount Rosa  

 Colorado Springs, Colorado 



Mt Rosa from Baldy 

Mount Rosa from Almalgre Peak

Brief History


The abrupt stone point was named for Rose Kingsley, an aristocratic young English woman who lived briefly in Colorado Springs in its early years, and, incidentally, started its first library. She was an avid hiker, and soon earned the nickname Rosa del Mont, or Rose of the Mount.

Kingsley was the first woman to climb this mountain.  Mount Rosa stands by itself and takes in unbeatable perspectives of  Pikes Peak to the north and the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the south.

Later, this mountain is now thought to be the actual mountain climbed by Zebulon Pike in 1806 rather than the nearby Pikes Peak. He set out from the south trying to reach the tallest point in the southern Front Range, and it is believed that he mistakenly climbed and camped in a cave just on the east side of Mount Rosa beneath the summit. As he reached the top, he discovered that the tallest point, Pikes Peak, was actually miles away to the West and many more mountains stood in his way.




Trip Details:

Mt. Rosa Colorado Springs, Colorado 



Standard Frosty Park Route: From Colorado Springs take Old Stage/Gold Camp Road approximately 12.5 miles to FR 379 (close to the Penrose-Rosemont Reservoir). Turn north on 379 and travel on the 4WD road to Frosty Park for another 1.5 miles. This is a large clearing on the right with no apparent signs other than the tracks of many mud rides known as Frosty Park. At the northeast side of this clearing is the trailhead for Nelsons Trail or FS Trail 672.

St Mary's Falls Route: There is also another route  that originates in the North Cheyenne Caņon Park heading up to St Marys Falls. This is a much longer hike (15+ miles with elevation gain of 4,000 ft)  if you prefer the all day traditional route.



4 WD road FR379.  The unmarked trailhead starts to the east of Frosty Park.


Summary: The Rose hike offers a 360 view of Pikes Peak, Almalgre Mountain, Mt. Baldy, Big Chief Mt., Sugarloaf Mt., Cooksstove Mt., Cheyenne Mountain and others. 


The trail distance is about 2.40 miles with an elevation gain of approximately 1,250 ft. The hiking time from the Frosty Park area is about 2 hours round trip. The trail rating is Moderate, but may be difficult when snow conditions exist. The alternate route up the Pipeline or St. Mary's Falls trails are long in the approach and the distance signs should not be relied on as accurate.

The highlights of the hike include a 360 degree view from the top of Mt. Rosa that includes the Rosemount resivior, 7 Lakes area and front range peaks. Wildflowers and a lady bug colony may highlight the trip depending on the season. A group of wild Meriman turkeys have been spotted on the route.


Mount Rosa is located at:

Lat/Lon: 38.75400°N / 104.948°W

Elevation: 11499 ft / 3505 m


How to Get There:

0.00 Frosty Park Parking (near the "mud run" of 4WD) - proceed east of the parking area; step over the fence and proceed on the jeep trail due east. The area has been used as a shooting range and is littered with shell casings.

.25 National Forest property marker on trail (see picture below);

.33 FS 672 - go south (see picture below)

1.30 - Trail intersection - FS 673 to west Rose - sign is sometimes down, but rock pathway marks the trail that heads west (see picture below)

1.70 - Trail along ridge ends and loops to the north of Rosa - difficult to follow in snow conditions - there is a "false summit" along the ridge

2.40 Summit of Mount Rosa - trail on north side then cuts to the west side then to the summit


Connection:  Trail 672 -  Nelson's Trail

Trail 672

Connection:  Trail 673 - up to Rosa

Rosa Trail 673



From Rosa ridge toward Almalgre

Almalgre from Rosa ridge 



Pikes Peak from Rosa Ridge

Pikes Peak from Rosa ridge 




Mt. Rosa from the ridge part way up

Mt Rosa from the ridge part way up 


Mt. Rosa Summit - note the wild flowers on top

Mt. Rosa Summit



360 degree views this to Rosemont Reservoir

Rosa to Rosemont Res 


 Pikes Peak from Rosa Summit

Rosa to Pikes Peak



Almalgre Peak from Mt. Rosa Summit

Almalgre from Rosa Summit  


Mt. Rosa summit toward Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs from the Rosa Summit 


Cheyenne Mountain from Rosa summit

Cheyenne Mountain from Rosa summit 



Rosa: From the summit toward the City


Rosa from summit 




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