Cinnamon Pass

Alpine Loop from Lake City to Animas Forks

Cinnamon Pass starts outside of Lake City near the Wagoner turnoff to Carson City.  4WD rated easy, the pass offers breath-taking views on the old stage road to Animas Forks.  Not to be missed.




Cinnamon Pass

Beaver Ponds

At the base of the Pass the terrain is a lush mountain riparian ecosystem characterized by wet land habitat of streams and ponds.  Deer and elk plentiful as well as higher mountain species.

Slightly higher, the ecosystem consists of sub alpine fir with aspen meadows.

Toward the top the ecosystem changes to sub-alpine tundra and alpine tundra.  Marmots abound in the alpine tundra.              




Cinnamon Pass

Sub-alpine waterfall.                    







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